Online learning, virtual learning, blended learning, distance learning — do these all mean the same thing? Which one is better?

You guessed it: No, these terms do not all mean the same thing. While they often share a common characteristic — the computer — how students engage with these methods is vastly different. As to which one is best? Unfortunately, the answer to that is not simple as it depends…

How A2L’s Virtual Summer Camp is a “game-changer” for school and district summer learning programs.

Summer school is not something kids typically look forward to. As a matter of fact, there’s generally a stigma that it's some kind of punishment. However, summer camp — that sounds fun and exciting, right? Just a simple word change and you’ve reimagined the whole program.

But this year, things…

Guest post by Matt Conners

To continue our backstories series from our content partners, which aids in understanding the inspiration behind the creation of the new programs Adventure 2 Learning has launched on its platform, we introduce you to Matt Conners — teacher, innovator, father, and creator of A2L’s new educational programs: Mornings with Mr, C; Better Letters; Talking Study Guides; and Teachable Timers.

Who Am I?

My name is Matt Conners, but my students call me Mr. C. I’m a teacher and father of 3. For years, I have made videos for my students to help them understand and enjoy learning. When distance learning became the only option to teach my…

Guest post by Coert Voorhees

It’s always a pleasure sharing the backstories from our content partners and understanding the inspiration behind the creation of the programs that we know and love on the Adventure 2 Learning platform. Coert Voorhees is a respected colleague, educational content producer, creator of Grammaropolis, and former 7th-grade grammar teacher. See how he went from teacher to mayor by simply transforming the way kids learn about grammar.


As a former grammar teacher myself, I know how hard it is to engage students in the subject. It sometimes seemed as though they’d made up their minds to hate it before I even had the chance to teach them!

But traditional grammar instruction is…

Deni Mazzei

Advocate for children’s health, fitness, and well-being through edtech. Content creator and contributor for Adventure 2 Learning.

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